Entry #2066
10:59 AM - September 2nd, 2020
So I'm what... 186 right now? That is 36 pounds heavier than my goal. What I was at in 2016 - and what I look best at on camera...
However it's also quite a distance from 215, where I was a few months ago and thanks to saggy skin? I can pull this off:
That resembles me 36 pounds lighter. It isn't and when I am 36 pounds lighter you will see the difference. My face and the angle can trick you... and again, thanks to sagging skin - my face just gets more drawn and long because my fat is all resting in my stomach. LOL. But I couldn't pull this off 30 pounds heavier. So my outside matches something that my inside just, doesn't, feel... I took this video (turned it into a pic) and watching it I was just stunned. Wait, that's me? How did that happen. Oh here's the video...
I mean I know how it happened: 45 straight days of kicking ass. Eating less and moving more. That's not the story... the story is that I am able to fake it at this weight. Of course as any actor or model knows, your "angles" are severely limited when you're overweight. Even 5 pounds overweight. I have 1 angle at this weight and you're looking at it. At 150? I have several. But even at my best? I'm not a model and I have a plethora of bad angles I have to avoid to look "good" in every shot. This is wildly superficial shit and embarassing to write about, but it's the game. And I have to be on-screen up against 1995 Adam in about a month and you'd better fucking believe I'm doing everything I can to hold up. Unfortunately I will still be 25 pounds overweight when I shoot that... but since I know my angles I'll be able to hide that fact. I wish I had kept up my dieting attempts when I started in April... I wouldn't have to worry about this... but I didn't.
But 175 is where I was for Fastest Delorean 2 and I can handle being there again. However, the Return of The Egos will require an Adam in the 150s, period. Fat Spencer is saaaaaaaad. I need a chin for Spence. LOL.
Oh yeah, I'm doing The Egos next year for the 20 year anniversary... did I mention that? Oops.
Yup. Alright, back to editing.