Entry #2066
10:59 AM - September 2nd, 2020
So I'm what... 186 right now? That is 36 pounds heavier than my goal. What I was at in 2016 - and what I look best at on camera...
However it's also quite a distance from 215, where I was a few months ago and thanks to saggy skin? I can pull this off:
So with the LA Galaxy gig there were masks, but it was a pretty loose set. Today was very, very different. This was a true post-COVID gig where there were protocols, wipe downs, masks, distance - constant awareness. People wiping down everything the moment someone touched it. It was wild. Not only was my self-imposed human quarantine still in tact? I would literally WORK in a place like this. It was that robotic and well run...
...it's also depressing as fuck. This dystopian feeling of truly never going back. Of all of this just becoming commonplace proceedures that take over every aspect of our life. Whew. It's heavy.
The gig was quick and normal and, well, one of hundreds I've had that would NEVER be a Journey entry. But in 2020? It's like being in a videogame. I don't leave the house man... so jumping in my car and pretending it's 2019 (even with all the COVID precautions) feels like I'm cheating. Like I'm an avatar in a VR game. And my weight change certainly adds to that. In fact, that should be it's own entry. save that for #2066...
So there's the gig and we have a couple coming up (though most are still just GolfKon packages where the car never moves). Nice way to make a very TINY amount of money... but in 2020, it's somethin'.
Jesus what does the end of the year hold. What does 11/4-1/21 hold? Fuck. Scary times.