Entry #2064
10:32 AM - August 31st, 2020
This shit right here...
So I go to fire up the Delorean since it has only been turned on ONCE in 6 months and nothing. Of course. Same problem I've had since it was swapped: you turn the key and literally nothing happens. It came to a head in 2018 where I spent over $1000 thinking it was everything from the ECU to this litttle computer box Kenny had drilled a fucking hole through. Replaced all the fuel lines... and finally, it was some sediment in the fuel pump clogging a filter. No gas getting to the engine means no start. Duh.
This time, I pulled the fuel pump first and although it wasn't too bad, there was some sediment and I began to clean it...
Put it all back together and voila it works. <shrugs> I mean, my heart is so out of this shit. This shit used to consume me and now it's just going through the motions because I'll never have the amount of events I had before and although I'm proud that we're approaching 500 gigs without missing one... I just don't care enough to lose sleep. I will still be proactive and start my car the day before so I can go through a FULL DAY worth of work to get it to start again... but man... I'm just done. Unfortunately my gas tank needs to be replaced and this will continue to happen. And of course the build up is worse if you're not running it more often... but I just cannot keep running it for no reason just in case ONE fucking gig comes up. It was different when we did 100+ a year. It's insane when it's 4 per year. And that's the problem - the business model for this type of upkeep ain't there. It costs more and takes more time to keep it ready because the car is a complete piece of shit than I make now.
I mean, when that car didn't turn over today? I thought "Cool, business is over... I can just let it rot now."
Ya know? Like that was my hope. And motherfucker I fixed it. (sigh)
Now the flip side to this? For the past 2 years? That's been the only real roadblock to that car moving. Yes, the axle bolts come out every 20 fucking miles - but I can always tighten those fuckers. The car not starting is a big one and, well, if I have to spend a day cleaning out the fuel pump every couple months so be it. I can at least DO that.
But once a bigger problem shows up? Yeah, I'm donnnnnnnnnnne. The industry has been decimated because of COVID and although little trickles will come back? Sheeeeit. I'm just OUT.
Time will tell when that end really comes up... but it feels very close.