Entry #2063
9:28 AM - August 29th, 2020
Of course this comes after "Vancouver" and of course this comes days before I start work on "Meeting Michael". Whew. Lots to digest here. Let's just start with a news report of where we are...
I went back and forth between doing a personal video or just posting the news... but I ended up finding the DRYEST report to cement the moment for posterity. The bias surrounding what's happening is almost IMPOSSIBLE to avoid and sometimes you need to just know the facts. That shitty video is just the facts. LOL. So my take...
In my life, I've never seen a more effective protest. Never seen a better strike. Never seen a better walkout. And I still, honestly, can't believe it happened. The players, walked. They just said: fuck you, we're not coming out. The Lakers and Clippers said: "fuck it ALL, we're done for the SEASON." And I believe them. Granted, they were emotional that night and incredibly a conversation with Barack O'fuckin'bama is what brought them back to the table... but this is the first time I've ever seen a group of players WALK... FOR THEIR COMMUNITY.
THIS ISN'T FOR MILLIONS. THIS ISN'T FOR THEM. This HURTS them. It HURTS their brand. The NBA will forever be down ratings-wise. The entire league will make WAY LESS money from this point on because of what they're doing...
...and they DON'T GIVE A FUCK. (they may in like 2 years, but still - lol). They scared the shit out of the owners and the owners said: "You got it. What do you need from us?" And with the help of BARACK OFUCKINBAMA they came up with a list of demands that will fundamentally shift the landscape. Fully funded voting locations in every sports market? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Using the arenas to allow people to vote is so much bigger than people realize. I mean, holy shit. All these assholes SHUTTING DOWN polling places? Now you open the polling SUPERSTORE of an arena with all the parking that entails... with all the staff to RUN that shit? Oh my GOD... if that's now a part of the collective bargaining of their contracts? What the fuck? They just said: "Hey you billionaire owners - put your money where OUR MOUTHS ARE and make this happen."

And it won't just happen once. It'll happen every year now. Because they won't let 'em off the hook. Holy mother fuck they did it. And they did it for their community to their OWN DETRIMENT. Fuck, half the country believes "Black Lives Matter" is a terrorist organization because of disinformation and the NBA STILL PUT THAT SHIT ON THE COURT. And it will cost that league hundreds of millions of dollars. I'm so proud of that league... I don't even know what to say. I am so proud of these players... which does bring me to the project I'm working on now.
Oh Michael. Oh how I loved Michael Jordan. Oh how he refused to stand for anything and would ALWAYS shut up and dribble. Oh how this contradiction breaks my heart. Oh how hard it is for me to make an NBA documentary and NOT bring up what's happening today in the NBA. How LeBron is just... so much more than MJ was.

Now I'll say this: LeBron is only possible because of what Magic/Bird started... and then what MJ took to the stratosphere. Jordan choosing to just shut-up and dribble built a foundation for this generation to be ABLE to STAND-UP and fight. Had MJ done that in the 90s, the league may not be standing right now. The league was at a 3 when Bird/Magic came in... bumped it to a 5... Jordan knocked it to a 9-10 (seriously, his first threepeat they were arguably more popular than the NFL) and before it got political this year I'd say the league was a 7-8. That 7-8 is gone. The NBA is clearly a 5 from this point on. But had MJ been this vocal when the league was a 5? It would've cut that to below 3... and might've halted everything. So we have to keep all that in mind.
That being said, LeBron is just another stratosphere of important. As a player he is the perfect Magic/Michael mix... but we just threw in Ali? And we threw in an Ali where the rest of the boxers joined him. Wow. I cannot begin to tell you what it means to me...
...and of course this is the spirit that makes me NOT want to move to fucking Canada. Ya know? Like THIS IS AMERICA. This is leverage. This is how you affect change. This is what I believe in. This is why I quit jobs and protested... this is ME. I am SOOOOOOOOOO torn. And it is SO hard to focus on "Meeting Michael" which is from the perspective of being a kid and looking up to your hero. No politics - straight basketball... just the joy of basketball and heroes... I can make NO mention of 2020 and that's really the entire point...
...but oh man is it eating me alive. The good news is that I can watch these playoffs when I'm not editing and remember what I'm rooting for. And man, these bubble games have been spectacular. Hoping LA closes out Portland tonight and we're one step closer to the inevitable LA showdown. GOD I WISH IT WAS HERE IN LA AND WE COULD GO!
Anyway, LeBron, thank you. Jordan was my childhood, but I've grown up. And you represent the rest of me. Thank you so much for sacrificing to make your community stronger.