Entry #2059
9:32 PM - August 17th, 2020
So there it is. Day one in the books. Fuck, this.
We were the good parents. We madea nice big sign welcoming the kids to school. They loved it and have a positive attitude about school...
...but as I said in the video? Inside I'm seething. Poor leadership cost my children their 1st and 2nd grade memories. The end of last year was unique, something to "remember". Losing another year? It's the last time these children will lose another year. Period. I can say that unequivocally. Even if Biden gets in... the outright stupidity flooding America might cost my kids the 2021-2022 school year because no one will take a vaccine even if there is one.
Fuck. That. I'm already looking into moving us (Vancouver is the present focus) and obviously, if Trump somehow gets re-elected it's over. We will be ex-pats SOMEWHERE. Biden at least makes the situation grey, but there's only so much that a new administration can do with how fucked up social media is and how the propaganda continues to sawy vast amounts of morons to deflect science. I'm afraid the USA is done.
And strangely? Today was the turning point for me. I mean, I've talked about it all year but watcing those kids have to stare at that little fucking screen and wish they could be with their friends? Fuck dude. I got angry. Like... this sudden burst of ambition and purpose. This feeling of needing to leave. Needing to be done with being beholden to this bullshit. Other countries can handle this. It's just a pandemic. They wore their masks, weathered the storm, and they're fine. Hell - they're fine and THEY'RE STILL WEARING MASKS. The WHOLE of Canada only gets like 400 cases a day and they STILL take it seriously.
<throws hands up>

If the US went down to 400 cases a day we'd be having orgies in streets. Los Angeles COUNTRY had over 1500 cases yesterday. Come ONNNNNNNNNNNN.

Fuck. Anyway. I'm pretty "out" of the political aspect of this. Not that anyone really cares, but if the administration doesn't change, we are gone. Might be gone anyway.
There it is.