Entry #2058
2:07 PM - August 15th, 2020
Well, we pulled it off. Kinda. Left a day early because the kids were pretty done. And to be honest - with limited activities... 3 days and 2 nights is plenty. My excitement about finding a spot nearly made me book a week. LOL. Video!
Ahhhhh I love it. I do adore camping... for a little bit. Without a shower and even on a nice air mattress... yeah after 2 nights, it really is kinda done. The thing is - the kids don't find 2020 restrictive at ALL. We've kind of shielded them from how "bad" things are and they think this is the best year of their lives. They've literally said that. Like "YAY 2020!!". We get to stay home with mama and play games all day! YAYAYAYAYAY!
I mean, they don't really - but it sure started like that. And even now we're just always together and always having fun and they're just living it up. Sure, they were super pumped to go somewhere but honestly I think they like packing most of all. Ya know? Just letting your brain PLAN something is so foreign now.
Goddamn this is the strangest year of my life.

Anyway - we may go back to this camp ground (Green Valley Lake) when it's snowing and let the kids finally play in the snow. Poor fuckers have still never really gotten to do that. I think we'd have to rent a cabin though. Those kids being in wet clothes ('cause no little kid can play in snow without demolishing themselves) and then trying to change in a tent in the cold? Whew.
Time will tell. This was AWESOME though. Fuck yes.