Entry #2055
1:24 PM - August 7th, 2020
So I was taking a walk to get some exercise (yup, still on-board, yipee) and decided to walk up to the theater near us...
...and it occurred to me that the thoughts of "alternate timeline" we felt in 2016 are frightningly true. The alternate 1985 in Back to the Future 2? It's actually preferable to right now.
I mean, Biff is the president. Everything is about HIM. All basic tenants of government are crumbling. School? I mean, it hasn't burned down but effectively it has: we can't go to school.
But at least in Biff's city? You could GO TO THE CASINO. You might need to side-step some "undesirables" but, shit, I live in LA. I'm used to city-living and all that comes with it.
But think about where we are. And it really is all due to one man. That has never been true in the history of our country. It's never ALL the president's fault, you know? Because every other president at the very least hired SOME capable people. Trump filled every position with friends that literally HATED the position they had and are actively trying to destroy the service they're a head of. Full privatization.
He disbanded the scientists in 2018 that could've warned him about what was happening in Wuhan... because THEY WERE IN FUCKING WUHAN. Even when he got the warnings late he publicly and quite proudly said it wasn't a big deal. Will all disappear. At every possible step when he could've helped this situation he did the ONLY things you could do to make it worse.
Stop the testing! Stop the testing?!?!?!?! What the fuck? No, test EVERY MOTHERFUCKER AND QUARANTINE THE SICK ONES. Get factories GOING to produce more. Test test test. Contact tracing, masks, social distancing.... THIS ISN'T HARD! Bush would've done it... Nixon would've done it. I mean what on earth?
He's Biff. Clearly. We're living a parody of BTTF 2 and we're used to it! GODDAMN.
God. Damn. What happens next? Well, we go camping!
Yes, thanks to Arleen Graves, wife of Robert Graves (crying man at the beginning of Fastest Delorean LOL) we found a spot and from 8/11 - 8/14 we will be off the grid! We will be LEAVING THIS FUCKING HOUSE! WOWOWOWOWOWOW.
Kids are ecstatic. Cannot wait. Holy shit.