Entry #2053
1:03 PM - July 26th, 2020
We're so used to what's happening now 4 months into it... but man this is creepy....
So twice in the last 2 months I've had people do the GolfKon package just to get the fuck out of their house. They get the ability to spend an hour with the time machine, play mini-golf - and they don't have to wear masks. They all wear them coming in... then I explain that they're free to play and voila! They forget about everything and enjoy themselves.
Seems like a great business plan but the truth is, I don't really have insurance for my backyard to make this a "thing". It's like a 3-4 times a YEAR type deal and that's fine. There's practically no money but it's nice to see people enjoying themselves and forgetting their cares.
But imagine showing this to someone in 2019? What would they think?!?!
This is normal. This won't go away in 2021. I mean maybe late 2021? But there will be masked immuno-compromised peeps for a loooooooong time. This virus is actually that serious.
Asymptomatic spread... what a nightmare