Entry #2051
1:44 PM - July 14th, 2020
And goddamn, even this is going to be heavier than I intended it to be. 2020, amirite?
So as I raved about the Quest and the inescapable feeling of "being somewhere else" I quickly thought of my parents who I miss. I got my mom a Nintendo Switch so she could play Animal Crossing with the kids and she ended up getting her own Quest soon after. I knew my dad was busy with work (my mom is retired) and I didn't want to wait until next year...
...so I bought him an early 70th birthday present...
Such a fun feeling to be able to gift something to someone special and know they truly appreciate it. And as I touched on it in the video, "I don't know when I'll see you again..." is a subtle way to say "I may never see you again." That's really te reality of life right now. Now after some heart scares 20 years ago and a focus on his weight 10 years ago... my dad has become incredibly healthy and is presently actually lighter than me. Fucking wonderful, I couldn't be happier for him...
...but life has a way of surprising you and after a certain age, you realize every moment with your parents could be the last moment. And thanks to our incredible leadership, I can't travel. The only conceivable way my family could even remotely visit Ohio is renting an RV. And I'm not sure my kids are ready for that journey. Though, in a moving house it's pretty fun. Finding or purchasing one of those is hard as fuck these days and our HOPE is that by next spring we can leave our house.
Our hope.
So, yeah - I bought this because if I can never see my father again, I want to at least spend time with him in virtual reality. It's different than face-time. We got him set-up and even though in the golf game it's just a hat and a putter... it looks like him. It moves like him. And we really are just hanging out on a golf course. The excitement of the technology soon vanishes and you're just standing or sitting there talking about life... but it feels like my visits to Ohio. That's the crazy part. The times when my dad and I would go to Tee Jayes late night and just talk. In VR it feels just like that. You're not aware of a camera on you... you're just hanging out. It's wonderful.
So happy I'm in a place where I can do this.
Happy 70th Birthday (11/26/20) pops!