Entry #2047
6:29 PM - July 3rd, 2020
So the greatest thing about multiplayer VR has to be that your height is correctly shown in-game. Something I have simply never really considered until getting the Quest since every experience was solo or with some stranger whom I honestly don't remember having a height.... in fact now that I think of it all of my multiplayer with people was sitting down? Not sure...
...but with a 6 year old? Oh hell yes. When Cam and I do co-operative stuff? I'm running around with this little midget dude and it's so, fucking, bonding. Any other game we play we're controlling characters on a screen that are the same. In VR? He's little, I'm tall. It's crazy.
Enter Super Mario VR through Rec Room. Not sure why Nintendo hasn't taken this down as it's been up for years, but Rec Room allows you to build your own rooms/levels. Some people have taken this to an incredible level and someone made afull 4-level Mario game which as you can imagine, is Cam's favorite activity ever in life.
Ever ever ever. Best life, time, ever, he would live in here FOREVER. He loves Mario. He gets to be MARIO.
Did I mention Cam digs this?
Yeah, it's nuts. So I had to document us playing it and hopefully others will find it as entertaining as we do...
...then again, this is 100% for me. I will watch this in 20 years and that little voice, and that tiny avatar... I mean - I'll never get a chance to play with that little kid again, ya know? So it really is a moment in time.

Oh and if you were wondering, Vienna is just scared shitless of this and can only play for a minute or two without literally screaming. So yeah. Other rooms she can handle, but for whatever reason - this ain't happening.

Then again, I just bought a THIRD Quest so with my Vive Pro Wireless we will be able to do 4-player games. How crazy, right? Blame it on the Quarantine. VR will certainly be a massive memory within all this shit.
Anyway - 4th of July tomorrow! Enjoy all your parties you fucking idiots! I expect another big spike in a week or two and then more deaths a month after that! Goodbye College Football season.