Entry #2045
12:16 PM - June 25th, 2020
We talked about this in March. It felt like one of those "be prepared for the absolute worst" when we said it out loud: "Cam, this may still be going on for your birthday party."
At the time (literally like day 3 of the quarantine) I could barely believe it... but ya know, science, statistics... it was plausible enough to warn our kids. I come to you today knowing 2020 is just done and his NEXT BIRTHDAY (7.5) is now maybe a reasonable time for him to have a birthday party again.
So our quaranteam has been on hold for a month as they had to go to several doctor appointments. We hope to see them again on the 4th of July when their new 14-day quarantine is up. In that time I've been talking to the parents of Cam's best friend, Logan, about getting together and it's been a long process. It's almost like an interview process where you desperately try and find a way to verify they are taking this seriously. They both work from home and are in contact with elderly relatives. BIG PLUS. So they consider their action LITERALLY their relative's lives. Yay. They know how serious we are, so we were able to pull off Cam getting to see his best friend for his birthday party. Felt like we had accomplished the impossible.
It's weird - a play date is now the best party ever. Cam was over-the-moon. Couldn't have been happier. We also nailed it with all the presents this year and we can't wait to help him put everything together. Strangely, though it looks like all videogames in the video, all of his gifts were craft-type stuff. Dominos, labo kits, race car stuff... he's covered in the videogame department. And of course, VR. He's so into it now. It's been so absolutely wonderful to have MULTI-PLAYER VR I'm close to getting a headset for every member of the family. So much fun.
So there you are, we pulled off 6.5. We actually did this on June 23rd for documenting purposes, just wanted his song to come first on The Journey. Man, what has this Journey become now... this chronicle of activities during quarantine... it's gotta be boring, right? Like - once-in-a-lifetime type of boring, so ya gotta document it - but holy shit. I miss MAKING THINGS HAPPEN.
That feeling of course usually makes things happen...