Entry #2044
12:16 PM - June 25th, 2020
Letter writing time to future Cam:
Just reread what I wrote last year and this ade me giggle:
"So congrats on the big 5.5. We're so proud of you we can barely stand it. It should also be noted that you are at PEAK FUCKING ANNOYANCE to us right now with your constant singing and noise making. Like, we're gonna lose it dude. Let's hope that subsides a bit by 6.5"
Uhm, yeah so that hasn't quite happened. In fact it's about what I was going to write just this moment then I read that. HA. Oh and we've been couped up for 106 days. So yeah we're all kinda losing it. BUT I DIGRESS.
So we're starting to get that father/son relationship that I knew we'd have but never tried to push too much as I really wanted you to establish that mother/son bond that you so strongly have right now. We were always gonna get along. It's in our blood. We will have a relationship similar to me and my dad and it's because there's so many similarities between us. Of course gaming is up there right now, but it's deeper than that. Our sense of humor is similar and we're both goofy and out going so we mirror each other often. I wasn't like that at your age. It's cool to see that so early. It does absolutely lead to the most unfuckingbelievably annoying traits right now that make me nuts.
I love you I love you I love you.
Holy fuckballs you don't listen and are a ball of energy. I want to buy you a treadmill. We think of ways to trick you into exercising every goddamn second because for some fucking reason you pretend you don't want to be outside UNTIL YOU FUCKING ARE and are having fun and then you forget and OH MY FUCK this is hard to write during a pandemic when you are presently being wildly annoying.

I love you I love you I love you.
All that being said: your ability to concentrate in games, see 12 things at once, figure out puzzles and think outside the box is extraordinary and will serve you so well in this modern world it boggles the mind. It's something we have to foster while also explaining that you need to do other shit and brush your fucking teeth.
This might have been a bad day to write this. But ya know what? It's what you'll laugh at the most as an adult reading these. And honestly? We've had some good conversations about all of this and you're starting to get it. You're at that Age of Reason threshold where you turn into a different dude. I'm certain 7.5 will be different and so on and so on etc. Keep being you. Keep being a clown and a a performer and speaking with all your heart and mostly forgetting context or appropriateness because that's how you learn.
Cannot wait to watch you come of age, beautiful boy.