Entry #2043
7:33 PM - June 23rd, 2020
Well this is cool...
...if not a wee bit familiar and twitch-worthy.
Was contacted by some UK fans of Fastest Delorean and they want to sign me to their booking agency to get a screening of Fastest Delorean overseas. The difference here is... they've actually seen the movie and really like it. That other scenario was with someone who hadn't seen it and was really more interested in Don. I wasn't unaware of this, but it did lead to the issues last year where it was QUITE clear what was happening.
Not a big deal honestly and although I touched on some of those issues with these guys, this is quite different. They know Fastest Delorean and really seem to GET the reason it works so well and resonates so deeply with people. So we set-up a chat/interview/meetup/reason to drink etc. and it was really, really fun. I look forward to working with these guys some day and have to just laugh at the tragic timing of them deciding to put this booking agency together and then ALL COMIC-CONS BEING CANCELLED INDEFINITELY.
Anyway - here's a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG video that's actually a fun listen.
Oh 2020. Will you ever cease to surprise me? But yeah, this is all just "in theory" and we won't even truly address how to pull this off in 2021. From a business perspective there is no draw for that screening if it's not part of something else. Duh. However, it does add a TON to an experience. There hasn't been a group of people that watched it and didn't really, really like it and feel happy they were there. It can be invaluable to some promoters given the stars aligning for the event.
It could happen. Time will tell.