Entry #2042
12:12 PM - June 22nd, 2020
As a VR enthusiast since my first experience in 1994, there’s not many moments I miss. When VR started to get mentioned again I tried the phone experiences and was unimpressed since they only allowed 3 degrees of movement; basically just moving your head around.
Then 2016 came and the Vive blew my mind. I invested heavily and still do to this day. As I said in a previous entry Half-Life Alyx remains on me of the greatest gaming experiences of my life. If only it didn’t cost thousands to experience.
When the Oculus Quest was announced I knew it was inferior to my set-up and never gave it a second chance.
I’m here to tell you I was really really wrong.
Looking to be able to do multiplayer VR during quarantine I was able to snag one and I had forgotten that this was the first standalone headset to track 6 degrees of freedom. It somehow does this without any need for a PC and presuming you’re not in direct sunlight? You can do it outside.
Annnnnnnnnd? It looks AMAZING not just for being a portable unit, it looks great in and of itself. Sure it can’t run half-life alyx natively but that’s the peak of all experiences. This thing WORKS and the ability to do it anywhere makes it the Nintendo Switch of VR. I cannot stress enough what that means to the industry and I wish the old standalones that weren’t true VR had never gone public. So many people THINK they experienced VR when I’m fact they just watched some 360 degree videos.
So now we’re here and I have a second unit on the way. At $399, picking up multiples to allow a whole family to play together isn’t the extravagance it once was and again, I have to stress... being outside is a revelation.
On Father’s Day I sat down with some lagavulin and just went fishing in my favorite chair with the wind in my hair.... it’s transformative. It’s honestly an emotional experience to feel such an escape so effortlessly.
One we desperately need right now.
Not a whole lot to add to the voice over script other than I was REALLY REALLY wrong. LOL. I guess more than anything I just didn't believe you could put the PC in the headset this early and still maintain the quality, you know? The screen technology was there, but 6 degrees of freedom WITHOUT trackers? AND the processing power to run VR? FUCK. I just thought 2019 was too soon.
MY GOD was I wrong. I want to buy one of these for everyone I know. Everyone I miss. This is just amazing technology and it could help EVERYONE. Just wow, wow, wow.
Get one. GET ONE.