Entry #2041
11:50 AM - June 19th, 2020
I'm probably slightly overreacting because my eye was puffy from the stye and I'm clearly just over fucking weight... but my entire adult life I have wondered: when is the wall? Everyone goes through it. You look relatively the same during 3-5 year periods and then one period, usually in your 40s, there's an abrupt change. I mean... this was me in 2016:
That dude could be any age from 25-45. Now? Oh I'm 45. I'm 50, I'm anything but youthful. And while I will lose weight and look "my best" it does indeed feel like there's a wall. A new normal. Time will tell. Hopefully soon. But it feels like a crossroads for my looks.
That's life. That's self-awareness. That's what makes me, me.