Entry #2040
11:42 AM - June 14th, 2020
The last meal we had in a restaurant was on March 11th, 2020. The day the NBA suspended the season, the last day my kids went to school and we ate their knowing that starting the next morning we were starting a quarantine. I remember where we sat, I remember having the news on my phone so the table could see, I remember my mother being with us... I remember it as vividly as anything because it was at Toshi's and there's only one Toshi.
Kindly old Japanese dude that sings while he prepares your food. I miss it so much. It's why the only takeout I will risk walking INTO is Toshi. We always order 2 Toshi's Special super early so no one is in the place when we pick it up and we've only done it 2 or 3 times. EVERYTHING else is delivery. But Toshi? Toshi is special...
And? He's apparently doing quite well. His phone doesn't stop ringing and he doesn't offer delivery! Everyone just loves him and kept calling throughout the shutdown. He seems almost impervious to everything. He just comes in everyday and makes sushi. Singing all the while... I love everything about the place and that spirit. It will be the first place we eat when this is all over.
My GOD when will that be? Next spring? Sure won't be this year.