Entry #2039
2:44 PM - June 11th, 2020
It's slightly amusing to me that what everyone else is now FORCED to do is what I've done my entire life: cut my own hair. And my kid's hair. Suddenly this is a QUARANTINE CUT.
I mean. I guess? He's 6. The fuck he need to go to a professional stylist for? I guess I must seem like some depression-era dad... and I am bracing myself for Vienna needing $100 haircuts in a few years. It is a double standard and I'm fine with that. Means so much more to girls than boys...
...but all these Karens need to shut the fuck up and watch some Netflix. I swear to fuck. WHO ARE YOU TRYING TO IMPRESS? GODDDDDDDDDDDDDD.
Anyway - Cam's hair was getting pretty intense. I'm sure we'll do the exact same cut in 2021. In our kitchen. Because of course we will.
PS - to anyone thinking Talya and Vienna had broken quarantine - they did the "park in the parking lot while people from Ralph's puts your groceries in your trunk" thing. Human quarantine in tact. Very cool really. I could get used to this shit.

...and side rant: so will everyone. Buying it all on your phone and having it just walked to your fucking car? Sheeeeeeeit. For NO EXTRA CHARGE? Sheeeeeeeeeeit. The economy is going to be very interesting in the coming months. Fundamental changes in how we live our lives will never go back.