Entry #2038
8:15 AM - June 9th, 2020
The video pretty much says it all:
In 2005 Katrina made me lose it. The obvious racism of that response coupled with a ridiculous war in Iraq made me quit my job, fly to DC and protest. I documented everything in The Journey with videos and songs... I kept pushing, eventually leading to “Let’s Bomb Iran” a political cartoon that became my first national exposure.
Speaking up and using this platform defined The Journey and it’s at the core of who I am.
I’m sure you can see where this is going...
...not being part of these protests is eating at me. In a different time I would be LIVING within these protests and documenting all of it. I wouldn’t care about the virus, I would sacrifice my health or even my life to make this statement. It’s that important.
However it’s not more important than my immuno-compromised child. So I watch. I watch with pride. I see the future being rebuilt in front of my eyes and it’s the first time I see the virus being a positive. Being pent up made people BREAK OUT. Not for fucking haircuts, for a revolution. To fundamentally change this country.
If you refuse to treat a segment of your population as human you deserve exactly what you get. I want white people to be terrified. I want cops to be terrified. Because right now, at worst, it’s burning down a couple buildings or tearing down some statues. If we as a society don’t listen, you don’t want to see the 2025 protests. They’ll be silent. They’ll be random terrorist attacks with no end in sight.
It’s time. Rebuild the police from the ground up.
The voice-over really says it all. It's hard knowing something you believe in has to be handled remotely. This is all I can do and continue to raise my voice online. I feel impotent, but thankfully others are picking up the slack.
Power to the People.