Entry #2037
11:20 AM - June 8th, 2020
Surreal for me to watch this...
I wanted a video camera more than anything in the world when I was a kid. My father had one but I didn't live with him. I remember making a written list of the pros and cons of my mom buying one - even this shitty black and white one that was clearly just for kids - but my mom is infamously anti-tech and it just wasn't happening. No, I had to move out and bought my very first video camera on November 9th, 1995. That was the morning I was going to meet Michael Jordan. I'd say it was worth the money. Ha.
Watching the ease at which these kids can do this is a little mixed however. It felt like such a privilege to be able to document events with video in the 80s and 90s. It was so cumbersome and difficult... but SO much more freeing than film. You could see it THAT DAY! So the world opened up and you took more chances and did more shit... now it's everywhere and assisted by so many goofy things I wonder how a child who grows up in this environment sifts through all the bullshit and really learns how to tell a story, you know?
And of course, I'm obviously the dude to help them. It's not lost on me that they're in good hands there... but it's not time yet. I love that they're having fun. I loved watching Cam tell Vienna to keep the camera still so he could come INTO frame. His brain is thinking outside the box which is a pretty cool thing. He sees things differently than most 6 year olds. Both of them do honestly. So time will tell.
Just seemed like something I should document. They could very well look back on this as a moment in time...