Entry #2036
11:04 AM - June 6th, 2020
I knew. I knew when I decided that I was going to push my Camry from the street back to my house (some starting issue - havent really checked) that if ANYONE saw me. Well, any man anyway... I would have to BEAT THEM OFF WITH A STICK. It's like fucking pavlov's dog. If a man sees another man pushing a car he just comes fucking running.
I was able to do the trailer no problem. I grabbed Talya and we got it into position and I was ready to push it in with her in the car when this happened...
For the love of fuck. What do you need to say? I recognized the dude. He's lived in the neighborhood for at least a decade - he just doesn't speak english.
So after this I sat in the driveway trying to think this all through. Talya went inside. I thought about everything I know about the transmission of any virus and since our heads were actually pointed away, we were outside and it was so quick? I felt somewhat safe just saying fuck it and presuming I was ok. You do need at least a COUPLE breaths, you know? There has to be some time shared with an infected person.
Still sucks. I guess we'll see in two weeks, but I believe I'm ok. Ugh. Can't believe it.