Entry #2033
5:20 PM - May 26th, 2020
How bizarre.
<dink dink dink, dink dink dink>
How bizarre, how bizarre...
That dude at the gas station was the closest I came to breaking quarantine. Otherwise that was smooth sailing.
But again, how bizarre. Like I know the air isn't different, but it feels like we're all in some alternate reality. Nothing feels normal. We're all trying to go through the motions but everyone is a little slow because we're going through a checklist in our heads before every action. The bright side however is I don't have to do a goddamn thing and now I have an excuse. Wanting to just sit, hide, and play on my phone or Switch isn't new. LOL. For a filmmaker to be on all of these sets and watch mistakes happen can really fuck with my brain so my preference is to just disconnect and try to ignore it. I'm not always successful and I truly do like most everyone I've ever worked with in regards to this car... so I end up helping more than I need to.
Now however? NADA. I'll be 60 feet over here in a corner enjoying the shade.
I did get to race my car up and down the boulevard for some aerial shots which was super fun. Nice to rev the engine up a bit. The car (other than a starting issue) ran fine. There's so much I do actually need to the car, but I have absolutely nothing on the horizon so it's hard to focus on that. No, I presume my car will just sit for another couple of months until something shows up....
However with these reopenings and utter fucking idiots taking over the cases are going to skyrocket to a point of no return I'm afraid. Very interested to see the numbers by the 4th of July. We're at 100,000 deaths as of today. I guess 135,000 by 4th of July and then 200,000 by Labor Day? The deaths are actually falling even though cases are maintaining 20,000 per day so something the doctors are doing sems to be working. But that won't matter if we're at 50,000-100,000 cases per day. They will go back up.
What a crazy time.