Entry #2030
4:36 PM - May 21st, 2020
Are we alone with this? This Zoom meeting shit is a form of torture for 6 and 7 year olds. Thankfully their school didn't require it (just 2 or 3 times the last two months for fun) but even saying goodbye is so unbelievably depressing to these kids. Like, this was the moment Cam realized he won't be able to say goodbye to his teacher. We had successfully helped them navigate this whole thing without those realizations and then this shit happens...
I mean I don't blame the schools or the teachers - but my inner psychologist tells me this is fucking WRONG. Kids don't work like this. Older kids BARELY do, but Kindergarten and First Grade? Oh HELL NO. You don't show them their friends and teachers and then click an X while they disappear. You're better off avoiding it all together. Goddamn. I'm so frustrated by this. Heartbreaking watching my kids do this and even worse thinking this will continue in the fall.
Both of our kids have been demonstrably more depressed AFTER facetiming. Because no matter WHO it is, they act aloof... the person hangs up and they ask "When do we get to really see Nana/Papou/Logan?" etc... Facetiming during a pandemic is fine for adults - we can process what's happening, we can process TIME, we're OK and in fact it can be very helpful.
Young kids? No. I think it just makes them miss that person more and puts them in a funk for the remainder of the day... and their entire school? ALL THEIR FRIENDS? Their TEACHER? The only other adult that feels like a parent to them? Fucking hell man. These kids are never gonna forget this. I really hope this is just for 2020 and maybe a tiny bit of 2021. This cannot be a prolonged thing. I won't let it. I can't let it.
Glad it's over for now.