Entry #2029
9:43 AM - May 18th, 2020
Well I guess an entry is in order to make certain I stick to it this time. Understand that other than 2 months last year, I could've written this about 30 times since Fastest Delorean. I'm overweight (60 pounds - I wish it was only 19 lol), I'm sick... like body telling me I'm in trouble if I don't face this--sick. I have to be accountable to this. I started again on 4/22 and then motherfucker was face to face with free whiskey, brownies and pizza and that all went to hell. Started again on 4/27 and this time tequila and our quarantine friend's birthday shot that to shit. It was worth it. Then May 1st, May 8th... same pattern. So we begin now.

There is no alcohol, pizza or brownies in the house so it shall be TODAY. It's set in stone, and I really need to get my shit together for the Jordan Doc. Which will now be released November 9th, 2020 and will be entitled "Meeting Michael".
There - I did it. It's set in stone. No more fucking around. It's going to take 5 goddamn months to get in normal shape for a human and UGH I'm annoyed I have to do this during a quarantine but it's my own fault. Something to focus on. I'm gonna do a split screen video and I'm posting this portion NOW so I can't hide from it in September. The truth is, this was shot on 4/22 but I still kept fucking off. LOL.
If my calculations are correct I will reach my goal about 20 weeks from today around Vienna's 8th birthday (September 28th). I'll shoot the scenes for the doc that month and have it ready for release on the 25th Anniversary.
Seems so long from now. What will this country look like at the end of September?