Entry #2028
7:11 PM - May 16th, 2020
6 entries ago I brought up New Zealand. A few hours ago I got off the phone with a friend who lives in New Zealand talking about the steps to bring my family there. For good.
While this is not imminent, it now feels like we will probably have to do something drastic if we ever want to give our children a normal life. This anti-vax movement is an absolute DEATH KNELL for a kid like Cam, which means for all of us. I'm done arguing, it just is. People won't even wear a fucking mask let alone believe the science behind a vaccine and it seems next year is gonna be a critical moment.
It's already clear that our kids aren't going to go back in the fall - we've told them no school until after Christmas (which will most likely be just to make it easier to tell them the remainder of the school year come January) - but this can't go on forever. Because this isn't just home schooling for us: it's everything. At least with home schooling you could enroll the kids in camps or activities, sports etc... nope. Not now. And if we're gonna just be in a fucking bubble and the kids are gonna learn from a SCREEN - WHY ARE WE HERE? There are other countries that are competent. And this doesn't magically get better when/if Trump is gone. The disinformation issue abounds and there's no end in sight. For whatever reason it has hit the US harder than anywhere else and it's why New Zealand is so attractive: it works. They've knocked out the virus. They're good to go.
We will NOT be good to go. These places re-opening will be re-closing next month. That's fucking MATH. And it's excruciating watching people argue MATH. Not opinions... math. Part of me has accepted this is the end of the world as we know it. This is the turning point - it might not be COVID, but there will be other viruses and this stupidity will simply grow stronger. Find a competent government know and get involved in the community and keeping it SCIENCE BASED and strong. An island in the middle of nowhere? GOOD GOOD. That sounds like the last refuge possible.
And of course... it's New Zealand:
But Talya and I aren't a single couple... we're a family - and kids could give two fucks about views and nature. They need other kids. They need school. They need playgrounds - they need a normal goddamn life for another 10 years. After that: "Surprise! The world is fucking AWFUL - GOOD LUCK KIDS!" But the thought of them being forced to homeschool, home play, home entertain, home everything for the forseeable future? It's not gonna happen. I won't let it. I can pull it off. I can find a way to rent out everything here - grab some funds and GO. Set-up a life somewhere and reset. I'm still young. We've accepted the year 2020 is written off... but I refuse to accept that the DECADE of the 2020s is written off.
Fuck that.