Entry #2027
3:33 PM - May 13th, 2020
This poor bastard.
Golf is already the most frustrating fucking sport ever. So to keep him invested - I decided to score a game we were playing as a skins game (each hole awarding simply 1 point on winning or losing) as opposed to having every stroke carry with you. That way he could get a 6 on Hole 2, but only go down 1. Incredibly, and with me trying as hard as possible, we ended up tied 4-4-1 at the end of 9 and had to go into a sudden death overtime. We tied on the first hole and I got a Par 2 on the next hole... meaning if he got a hole-in-one he legit beat me...
Cam missed filming my hole-in-one putt on the last hole...but that is what eventually got him. The kid is 6 and he took me to 3 sudden death playoff holes. And while yes, because it was a skins game it didn't matter that I beat him on some hole by 5 strokes, it's still a legitimate way to play and he can hold his own. He was absolutely about to cry and could barely hang on after he missed that first putt - which is heartbreaking - but look at what that badass did after that! That second putt may be the hardest at GolfKon. He walked up and nailed it.
Golf is so so so much about maintaining your compusure when things break your heart and it has to be the hardest part about his age: SIX. Could there be a more emotional age to compete? But he's doing it. And he will beat me. Probably during this quarantine.
Keep kicking ass, man. I will never, ever, let you win... but you will absolutely beat me.