Entry #2025
3:12 PM - May 5th, 2020
So last month I mentioned Jesse, Megan and Jack and how because of their seriousness about the quarantine... we could maintain that quarantine and still see them. Well apparently that's a term now (Quaranteam) and it's now such a huge part of our life and so WILDLY HELPFUL to all of our mental health I figured it was time to just shout it from the mountaintops!3
Our Quaranteam:
To be honest, I'm surprised this isn't talked about more often. Just as we do with Karen (Talya's mom), you can absolutely spend time with other people presuming they too have quarantined for at least 14 days. And I don't mean, masked and socially distanced - I mean kids being dirty, wrestling... no one giving a fuck just like pre-COVID. The problem of course is: you'd better be able to trust them with your life. That is indeed the tricky part.

So the way we have dealt with this is lots of conversations and truthfully just ruling out huge swaths of people. Even presuming people are taking this seriously, if you don't work from home, you're out. If you have an immuno-compromised family member or contact with elderly parents/grandparents? OOOOOOH - that's a plus! So you're literally looking for the weakest among us to travel back and forth between. Wearing a mask if you're forced to go out or social distancing is a given. We need EXTRA SPECIAL PEEPS to be even remotely considered for this which is why we have one family.
Maybe that changes in the future, but of course that means it has to be ok with EVERYONE in the Quaranteam and it becomes a slippery slope... so you kind of just rest on a small group and feel lucky to even have that.
The new normal is here.