Entry #2022
10:55 AM - April 25th, 2020
Have the days morphed into August? It's in the 90s all week this week. What happened? Time to take out the pool and get the kids jazzed for a new quarantine activity...
How fortunate are we. I mean... how incredibly fortunate to have this backyard... this much space. This pool is crazy big. It's a 15 foot circle and 2 1/2 feet deep? Man - it's awesome. We also pulled off something pretty awesome yesterday: company. That's the great thing about being friends with other immuno-compromised families: we're all in the same boat. If you're on full lockdown and we're on full lockdown? We're friends. Your house is safe, your car is safe and our house is safe. So the kids can just be kids.
Jesse and Megan are friends I connected with last summer and their kid Jack was spotlit in Fastest Delorean 2 as a PSA to other parents as I say fuck a whole lot. Cute opening to the movie. Jack was a NICU baby and barely made it so even years later they're UBER careful. So after talking about it for over a month we decided to just jump. We're basically trusting each other with the lives of our kids, and it's a little terrifying, but the idea that we have a family that we can share this quarantine with is pretty special. And poor Jack is an only child who hadn't had kid to kid contact in 6 weeks. FAAAAAAACKIN HELL. To say the kids had fun is to say the least.
To say that diet I was starting is getting delayed a few days is also to say the least. These considerate fuckers brought whiskey, brownies and pizza. Oh it was a fun day. It felt like summer. It felt completely normal. Not even a THOUGHT of the pandemic and social distancing and constant fear. We're bonded now and I'm thrilled for everyone involved. Especially Jack who is an only child. Vienna and Cam are inseparable and I cannot imagine a little boy energy being bounced around from parent to parent. Whew.
Good times. A bright spot in this crazy year.