Entry #2021
10:02 AM - April 23rd, 2020
Mr. Yankovic himself would have a hard time believing this (especially since he's met me and he's seen the Gedde interview with the Wheel of Fish in my backyard), but Cameron became a fan of Weird Al completely outside of my influence.
I swear to you.

It was because of the Sirius comedy station in our car playing his songs. "Another One Rides The Bus" just clicked with him (which is funny because, that was before MY intro to him which was "Eat It") and he can't stop asking Alexa to play it, nor Queen's original. Of course seeing this I had to explain who he was, what the Wheel of Fish was (they had seen UHF but never put 2 and 2 together nor cared). Now? THE KIDS LOVE UHF BECAUSE IT'S THE BUS GUY.
<throws hands up>
And of course Cam can't just like something, he has to LOVE IT. So when I had I brought out the Weird Al Concert blu-ray, he was pretty stoked.
And this is where I apologize to my mother. I played Michael Jackson and Weird Al Yankovic tapes repeatedly in 1984. I mean, flip, play, flip, play, flip, play. It's all my mother heard. She got my dad to make me a Billy Joel tape and then, it was a rotation of Michael Jackson, Weird Al Yankovic and Billy Joel for all of 1985. Eventually around that time I found the Beatles and my mom got a bit of a respite. But there was a period there, and I never QUITE understood it... where she was really done with Mr. Yankovic.

We're not completely there yet, but I did finally have to tell Alexa "Play the ALBUM 'Dare to be Stupid'" so it wasn't one song repeatedly. I mean, Albuquerque is very funny. Even on multiple listens. But WOW. 6 year olds don't STOP. I was 8 when the Weird Al train hit me. I guess that means this gets worse? LOL.

Well, the good thing is, being waterbombed with your childhood is still pretty fun. We've also watched Goonies multiple times on the quarantine. That one is 'cause of me, no doubt. ;-)