Entry #2017
8:45 PM - April 11th, 2020
It's kind of cool that this tradition is identical with or without a pandemic forcing you to stay home. Yes our 6th straight Easter Egg Hunt and man, the kids rank this shit up there with Christmas. I'm not exagerrating. They count down the days, they can't WAIT. And I'm starting to be concerned with how else to produce these hunts so they're not repetitive. Figured out a good one this time: shower the place with eggs and have a point system. And of course special presents that aren't candy.
So without further ado, Easter Egg Hunt 2020!
Animal Crossing has just changed everyting. It has happily taken over our lives and taught the kids so much about reading and math and responsibility... love it love it love it.
...and I should probably do some night fishing. Goodnight!