Entry #2013
12:18 PM - March 17th, 2020
I want to joke and make an apology 15 years later to Bush for the original "Leaderless State" because we're in such a shittier situation but man... no. Katrina WAS a disaster. That's the thing: natural disaster and emergency responses are the shit you CAN control. It's the one thing as a leader that's EASY.
We know how to be prepared, just like paramedics know how to be prepared and when something strikes? ALL YOU DO IS POINT TO THE EXPERTS. That's it! You hit the button, the experts come in. As president you shut the fuck up and then show sympathy for the victims. It's easy. Watch how Obama (and honestly, every president EVER - even Bush on everything except Katrina) handled EVERY CRISIS. He stood BEHIND the experts, then came in and supported them and the victims. It's the literal EASIEST play in the presidential playbook. There's a roadmap. And the biggest part of that roadmap? You shut the fuck up and let the experts speak. You follow their lead. FUCK, then you can blame them if they're wrong! And then, JESUS, normally we give the president shit for the experts they put IN. "Brownie, you're doing a heckuva job." Remember when THAT was a scandal? Having Michael Brown be the Director of FEMA? AND IT SHOULD BE A SCANDAL.
We can't even GET TO THAT SCANDAL because Trump won't stop TRUMPING his experts because he's insane. And it's why half the country DOESN'T BELIEVE it's a big deal. Fuck. This is baaaaaaaaaaaad. And yes... I had to remake Leaderless State.
I mean, it's almost too simple. In fact, it is. It's why I can't be political anymore: this ain't politics. There's no debating. If you think this is political you're a simpleton. No offense to some very bright people talking politics right now, but there's a WHOLE FUCKTON of people that are coming of age during this period? That don't get it. They think they're making these amazing points and it's like: dude, if you were a political junkie the 20th century? This shit is pablum. Pure Idiocracy. I feel like I'm in a time machine. Having to point out how stupid Trump is makes me think badly OF YOU, not TRUMP.
So yeah, there's my song. Outdated by tomorrow when he's worse. I swear. Animal Crossing is going to come out and our family is going to ESCAPE into that shit. Nothing in the news is changing the fact that we ain't leaving the house for easily March and April. So, why watch?
Good luck everyone.