Entry #2012
8:47 PM - March 15th, 2020
Today was bad. Oh wow, it actually is the Ides of March. Man... will there ever be another one like this.
So it seemed clear that every day my mother was here, was a day the virus had spread and being on an airplane was not only a bad idea, but it may very well be prohibited soon. And although she had a flight scheduled for Thursday morning, we bought a one-way ticket today to get her back as soon as possible. That same-day ticket? Cost $37.19. If that doesn't tell you how fucking insane things are right now, nothing will.
After the ticket was bought and we had some time before the flight everything kind of hit me. If you're a numbers guy at all, it's hard to ignore the evidence. The complete lack of leadership is going to make this spread like wildfire. The curves tell the story and they ain't comin' down. And because we live in a misinformation age with the president leading the way? Oh dear. This is gonna be bad. Like, Spanish Flu 1918 bad. And if this virus is particularly difficult to contain? Life as we've known it is gone. Movie theaters, sporting events... this may a fundamental shift in society.
Now we throw in Cameron. Who is at the very least asthmatic but has some bronchial issues that are unresolved. Basically put - he can't breathe very well as a foundation. He gets a minor cold and it's breathing treatments and steroids to help him breathe. Dude has severe lung issues and although weekly allergy shots have lessened some symptoms... he still can't run for more than 2 minutes without being severely winded and he starts to cough and wheeze. So we're quarantined (and I mean legit quarantined) for the forseeable future. This is a lockdown. Talking with my mom I started tear up wondering if our kids lives were going to be fucked forever. Are we now that "bubble boy" family? Where everything we do is centered around what Cam can do? If him getting this is a death sentence, how do we EVER let either of them go back to school?
I caught myself in the kitchen crying while the family watched "That Thing You Do". It's such a joyous movie that for some reason I had to leave the room and just quietly do the "couple heaves weep" really quick and then contain myself. Be strong. Don't show this to the kids. Act like things are cool. Focus on Animal Crossing releasing on Friday (FOR THE LOVE OF FUCK NINTENDO RELEASE IT EARLY)...
I dropped my mom off and then made this video on the way home...
Life was so normal just days ago. I mean I knew about the virus earlier than most because I have a friend in China who was coming out here in late January. We talked about how bad it was and how the US didn't seem to be prepared. Man... could there be a more obvious lack of leadership? Can he really get re-elected after this? His arrogance and literal stupidity will kill so many. And man, I'm watching these numbers. Guys this ain't gonna be 1,000 deaths in the US. It's gonna be hundreds of thousands and unless there's full lockdowns? We're gonna hit a million or more. This is gonna wipe out so many and no one seems to be taking it seriously. California is. Thankfully we live a progressive state where the government functions.
So awful. This is gonna be bad. It's gonna continually ramp up this month but April? Oh April is going to be tragic. The smart people in government have seen this charts. They've read the numbers. And they know. Half the population is going to get this. And even 1% of those dying is over a million people.
Unless everyone stays home for a month. I'm afraid that ain't gonna happen. Because a president said it was no big deal for 6 weeks.