Entry #2003
9:42 PM - January 25th, 2020...
It's certainly a moment...
I'm probably exagerrating this. It's not like we're suddenly never visiting a playground. But this is the first time we've felt that "Oh, shit... this no longer feels right."
As a parent, you're just trying to throw new experiences at your kids so they can get inspired about everything life has to offer. That's why these indoor playground thingees are so cool. These museums meant to make your brain think outside the box, etc. But we've been doing that for 5 years. They get it. They do this shit at home. They're wildly imaginative and Vienna in particular is asking questions at such an intense pace... we're past this.

NYC is gonna be fun. We're gonna do everything in our power to keep it universally adult centered. Animal Crossing comes out a few days before we go and we will all have it on our own Nintendo Switch consoles (which feels like the biggest caviar dream of my childhood come true) so we will have days staying inside and bonding that way. That's kinda how I do adventures: I live in them. The constant need to see the sites destroys the joy of feeling and appreciating a new space.
My two cents anyway.