Entry #2002
11:10 AM - January 17th, 2020...
Everything hurts already. It's 11am. I'm sitting here stunned at just how difficult this construction project is and although, yes, I am overweight... should it really hurt this much? I guess that's 44 for ya.
To the newcomers, feel free to peruse 2012. And 2013... honestly all the way up through 2016. Sure I had aches and pains, but I powered through and made all sorts of shit. Took my ibuprofen and was gooooooood.
Now? It almost feels like how arthritis is described? The tendons in my elbows that I abused screwing ALL THAT WOOD TOGETHER for 5 years... seems to be RE-ACTIVATED once I start back up again and the ache is immediate. But I've just started... so I have to power throught THAT. Ya know, I'm just describing getting old and it's depressing. That's all this is. Maybe. I need to lose weight, move more, and then report back on if any of this is true at that point.
Meanwhile my cat keeps flushing the GOT-DAMN TOILET and I can't lock him out of there because that's where is fucking litter box is. Anyone else's cat do this?
What, the, fuck. And that was a half-flush. Cat will do a full flush repeatedly. The dad portion of my brain starts losing it. STOP WASTING WATER. And I know, I should just teach him to use the toilet but the truth is? If that lid is left up? Both cats just play in it. They get that water EVERYWHERE. UGH.
Annoyed. Sore.

But I'm comitted to finishing this driveway. One you'll probably never see because I don't want to show the front of my house considering what is housed in the back. Weird life.