Entry #2001
7:17 PM - January 10th, 2020...
There's a secret truth about Los Angeles and even Hollywood itself: it's one of the hardest working group of people on the planet. Those that don't live here make generalizations based on the glossy end product ignoring the crew that got up at 4am to make that possible. The only reason anyone who doesn't live here thinks of the glitz and glamour is because we're really good at what we do. The truth is gritty, difficult, and requires an ability to work outside the box that most don't have. There's no clear goal: you have to create it. You have to believe in yourself, you have to be so vulnerable and open to failure and if it works? You look like a vapid self-centered asshole... to those who don't understand the process.
Catch-22, that is.
Even living here 20 years my soul seems to be firmly stuck in midwestern Ohio. So it's pretty easy for me to look at a situation from outside my shoes and laugh. Which is exactly why this video is so perfect...
Ha. Great pic. Deserves more room...
Cool anecdote: it was Paddy's involvement in my "Four" reality show in 2010 that started his 10 year journey in Kickball. These are uniforms from each kickball team he has been on in only one year.


Dude is nuts about it. And it all came from him being into foursquare in this very backyard that someone mentioned kickball and the rest is history. I believe at one point he had played more organized kickball than anyone in the country? So coming back here for his annual picture just seemed right. It's also a great moment for me just looking at the backyard and remembering what the fuck I did. That place looks SO COOL. OH MY GOD. WHERE IS THAT?!??!
Oh yeah, it's in my backyard. I really do forget that. I find it hilarious that the Delorean Time Machine isn't even necessary for the wow factor. So badass.

Anyway, I must get back to what turned out to be the biggest undertaking my overweight body could possibly have attempted: cutting a lawn and deck in half in the front yard and moving it to widen your driveway... while also re-using that wood FOR the driveway. Oh this is so hard. It's also so me to think "I got this. No problem."

Fuck. It's a problem, I'm not in my mid-30s, and I need to get in shape again. JESUS.