Entry #1
8:18 PM - January 2nd, 2000...
Springfield, Missouri,
We finally made it. Whew. We're giggling right now at the weather report. Ohio gets nothing but rain and snow, and once we hit Oklahoma ('bout an hour) we are home free. What a first 12 hours. So many things going through my mind right now.
Entry #2000
8:18 PM - January 2nd, 2020...
Los Angeles, California,
Hard to find the words, really. Decided to pay an homage to 2000 with the new entry bar design and it's just kind of overwhelming. I didn't plan all the craziness like I did for #1000 so I haven't really processed all this and it's frankly a bit emotional. I'm still at it. And, in fact, that's the subject of the entry and video. Why and what the hell this is...
Wow. I mean it really is breathtaking. It almost seems like someone else, you know? I mean, my kids think I'm a race car driver because of Fastest Delorean and that's like one of a dozen things - half of which I didn't even touch on in that video. I really stayed focused on 4tvs since it's really at the foundation of everything. But what a crazy 5 minutes that is and yeah, I'll say it: I'm proud of myself. Very. This is hard. Even for a guy who likes taking on hard things? Doing this 2000 times for 20 years is HARD. And the crazy thing is? I don't feel like I sacrificed anything - in fact I think it ADDED to the quality of my life. I don't have hobbies like normal people, THIS is the hobby and it accentuates my life and allows me to get past remarkably difficult shit. People think I'm so strong but I feel like it's a big rouse: I have The Journey. That's why I'm strong.
But as I said in the video, I will try and focus these entries to complete newcomers to The Journey and also try to get some press on being over 20 years. It's more than time to take a victory lap and try to cement myself more into the community although what I do is so drastically different than other vloggers. We'll see.
All I know is today I have been smiling ear to ear. Called Jess and we laughed about the time that has passed. I think what's so wonderful is that my true friends are all still in touch. Hell Burgundie (first wife) just made the move to Montana after a life in Columbus and I called her yesterday to congratulate her on making it happen. And the reason we all still love and care about each other? We didn't lie. We said the truth even when it hurt and as we got older we realized that was rare and we held onto each other. I love that. I love that I get to share that with my wife and kids and be an example for them. Hell I'm glad that Talya and I went through such an intense experience in July together and she was able to see me get through it by repeatedly telling the truth to everyone who would listen and although it took awhile? It worked out. Hell even I wasn't so sure on that one. LOL.
So I look forward to sharing my life with some new people and continuing to create new shit as much as possible.
Happy, Freaking, New Year.