2:53 PM, Tuesday, December 31st, 2019:
Man that title is putting it mildly...
Boy editing the beginning of that made me cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. So much to say really. Too much to say. This is probably the last time the dark and light sides of The Journey will seem balanced. Too much Star Wars on my mind but I'm not sure how else to describe it - lol.
2000-2009 was chaos unmatched. 2010-2019 wasn't any less chaotic but it had a foundation of family that didn't exist in the first decade of The Journey. So appreciative of that foundation I seemingly floated these last 10 years when in fact? It was pretty nuts. Hell, even the way the end of 2019 went was unbelievably dramatic (and sadly, mostly locked right about now) - but with a great marriage and awesome kids? Float, down, stream...
I think my biggest takeaway watching this is the ambition is still so abundant. You have this fear that settling down and having a family is suddenly going to take away that ambition and honestly it reignited it. GolfKon lead to CRAZINESS and that all came from Talya getting pregnant. And I really am me in every situation: I think it and then DO IT. If you showed these last 10 years to me in 2009, my jaw would drop. I'd never built ANYTHING. I mean I put some drywall up in the guest house but dude - GolfKon? FACKINHELL. And the the Delorean business and... wild. Like absolutely a complete reinvention of who I was and if you had asked me in 2009, I would've felt like I had done everything I was capable of. If that ain't a life lesson, I don't know what is.
So I end this set of 1,000 entries with gratitude and amazement and look forward to refocusing on The Journey a bit as the 20 year mark sounds really impressive and with the right amount of pushing I think I could find an income stream there. It would take the pressure off that GODDAMN Delorean having to run and it might protect me from future extortion attempts.
Because one thing has remained true throughout: if you're successful? The bad guys will find you. It's part of success. Just prepare and as always: TELL THE FUCKING TRUTH. Even when people threaten to hurt you. The truth, always, wins. You learned that this year more than ever.