3:25 AM, Thursday, December 26th, 2019:
Insomnia sucks.
Driving to San Diego today to go to Sea World. I can't sleep. It's totally because I have alcohol in my system and desperately need to cut that shit out so I can sleep through the freaking night again. Oh, this is where the Christmas morning video will go:
Christmas was totally nice and relaxed this year. Kinda sucked actually. LOL. I mean, the kids acted like adults. They took turns, they put their wrapping paper in a neat pile. There was no screaming... I mean. Shit. Is that it? Them losing their minds was only the first couple of years? Hmmmm. I think we need to hold back giving them shit during the year so we get better explosions on Christmas day. The only difference on Christmas is there's more of the shit they get anyway.
Anyway it was still awesome, didn't actually suck, and they're happy with all the stuff they got. I however need to go the hell to sleep as the next 3 days are gonna be insane.
Merry Christmas!