12:01 AM, Wednesday, December 25th, 2019:
Happy Birthday My Man!!!
And here we are: six years old. I love it. I love every age, but man it does keep getting better. You know what I'm most proud of for you? How you treat Vienna. You genuinely care about her and try to make her laugh or help her if she's hurt. Of course you guys fight and annoy each other, but mostly? You're friends and you work really hard at getting along. It is hard work to get along! But every time you guys get along you're that much closer to being a mature and functioning human. This is probably not the age to tell you this now that I think of it... but oh well. I love you to death. You're so talented at so many things and other than YOU CONSTANTLY FUCKING WHINING SOMETIMES
...Adam that's innappropriate for his birthday letter...
...yeah but it's so goddamned true.
OTHER THAN THAT - I adore being around you and your sister and I love, love, love you!
Happy Birthday Cam.