12:44 PM, Saturday, December 21st, 2019:
Oh this is the best. I'll explain why after...
You need to understand how shy Vienna is to understand just how incredible it is that she walked on stage and did this. Around us? She's a PERFORMER. And I honestly believe she has just as much chance of getting that bug as Cam does... maybe more? She really reminds me of me at that age. Cam is WAY MORE outgoing than I was. I was shyyyyyyy... but I had that performer thing in me. Vienna never would've done this a year ago.
...and of course the comic timing of that kid saying "Enjoy!" after we heard nothing is so fucking brilliant just stop the show. Like there's nothing else to show you. It's the normal silly 1st grade and Kindergarten stuff and I'm not posting everything they do because, well, I am an editor. I post shit that strikes me as special and important and this absolutely was. Bless her heart. She got up there and did it. Next time she'll talk into the mic.