11:33 AM, Monday, December 9th, 2019:
Well this is a nice entry to have unlocked...
...so the reaction has been, well, incredible. The Kenny trolls have been silent so far (I presume because you have to actually pay to see this one), but their time will come. The reactions have been pretty interesting to me because there's no way to deny that Part II isn't a camera in my face for 90 minutes. There's no racing, there's no excitement for gearheads... it's 100% me dealing with shit and it could've been super boring. That's the difficult part about these "Journey" type films: if you don't like it? You don't like me. LOL. It's just my nervous system on display, period. At least in the first part you could like or dislike other facets... not so much here.
But, it seems people "get it" and really feel the narrative of both movies together. It's the completion of the story. It makes Part I a better film. It does everything I hoped it would and it also marks the fucking end of that story. So ready to end this year and move on.
I'm tired.