8:58 AM, Thursday, November 22nd, 2019:
This is fucking crazy...
Now I will admit it was technically "up" yesterday and there were some bugs on FireTV and I really had no freaking idea that this was the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future Part II, but I think that even makes it crazier. The bugs are fixed now and we can announce our official release date and there it is: 30 years later and somehow entry 1989. Wow, wow, wow, wow.
So here we are. I sat on the verge of puking all day yesterday and that will continue today because the reactions are rolling in and the wait for the Kenny Trolls is excruciating. Something tells me the paywall will probably help - lol. Who knows.
There's also a bit more to the Kenny story that I haven't shared and I'll probably wait until next year to get into it.
And I also can't stop thinking about what will be next year's documentary. I'm already working on it because I'm so burnt out on Fastest Delorean stuff and the allure of a movie that will piss off no one and is family friendly is just too great to ignore.
I wish I could wax more poetic about the release today though. Hmmm.
Maybe I'm having a hard time believing it's over? Whereas Part I was done in pretty much the same calendar year, Part II had a long slog of a birth. That fire happened nearly two years ago. It assured there had to be a sequel but the story itself kept going with no real narrative arc. I mean, the car was rebuilt almost immediately and just that could've been the movie... but, in reality? The Kenny stuff was so much more important and I really believed we would find a way to make it all work out. I mean, SPOILER ALERT: Kenny's awful. The final slight so painful to watch I tried to hide it in the middle until Gary finally said: DUDE THAT'S THE MOVIE: HE SUCKS.
GODDD. Writing that in The Journey. Will it ever not hurt? Dude... no, it will always always always hurt that something that was such a part of the first 10 years is now this. I wanted so bad for that not to be true.
It is. But it's over. Mo. Ving. On.