9:00 AM, Monday, November 18th, 2019:
These badasses deserve an entry. I mean, wow.
So I'm kind of the king of: "If it saves money, even if it's ridiculously hard, I'll do it myself." There's no more obvious example of this than the subtitles you need to release your movie. Duh, you just write it down. I'm the kid who literally WROTE THE SCRIPT of The Breakfast Club, by HAND with a PENCIL (you still owe it back to me Bryan Foley) and although time consuming, you can do this yourself. You don't need to pay someone to do that...
...except the people at Rev.com do it for $1 a minute. Not per minute that it takes, but a minute of your film. So they'll do the ENTIRE MOVIE (which is ALL DIALOGUE) for $90.

And they do it in like a day. And they have to deal with shit like this:
Oh GOD that's funny to me. But their customer service is even better.

So they had a site redesign and I mistakenly ordered a transcript instead of captions for the film. Even after I received it I didn't understand and got all pissy leaving messages and emails and then right before they returned my call I saw it was 100% my mistake. Can't really fault them, can't really get a discount since, well, they did ALL of the work already.

They still refunded me 50% back.


Stunned. So I uploaded it the correct way and paid my $92 and then what happens? I have Gary watch the film and holy fuck now everything is going to be wrong since I'm completely re-editing the order and captions work by the FRAME. It's not like a manuscript or transcript where I could just move it around. I write to them and leave a message for them to STOP working (even though it had already been 12 hours and they seriously turn this shit around in like 1 or 1 1/2 days. I didn't hear from them but had no choice but to upload the correct file, swipe another $92 and hold my breath.

They refunded 100% of the first file and called me to make sure I was happy. Holy SHIT. I'm still stunned. I cannot thank them enough for their professionalism, their simple generosity and I am happy to shout them out on social media and cement them into The Journey forever...
...and oh my GOD I can finally deliver the deliverables tomorrow. Whew