8:26 AM, Saturday, November 16th, 2019:
I mean in reality... it was the last attempt to soften the blow. It was me desperately trying to make things end on a high note when it took only one viewing from an outsider to say: "dude, just tell it as it happened."
Gary Helsinger, I guy I've known for... wow 14 years out here... has been a fan and honestly a fan of my creations for so long. A mutual respect (he was in the remarkable band Green-Jello from the 1990s) grew into a friendship and I've always respected his opinion. It was with that foundation I invited him over to watch the final cut of Fastest Delorean Part II just as I had with Part I.
Quick aside, Gary has always been on the "FUCK KENNY, TELL IT ALL" side of this equation as have most of my friends. I really tend to shut them out, because I know they just care about me and are angry and hurt for me... I'm the one with the relationship and the responsibility of putting the movie out to the public so I always fault the opposite direction. Which is also why I knew Gary would probably have similar feelings after viewing Part II. I was happy with my cut and certainly wasn't gonna change it now...

...except he hit me in the storytelling gut when he said: "the tension is gone after the Kenny section and I don't care about the happy stuff."
He had a point.

Now, BTTF fans will be happy with the happy stuff because it's going to Hill Valley, adventures with Mayor Goldie Wilson... but I don't make these movies for just BTTF fans. In fact, it's pretty clear that there's a pretty monumental story in these two movies that has nothing to do with they TYPE of car we're talking about. In fact, it's like 3rd or 4th in importance to the heart of the movie. It's the hook, sure, but the meat is absolutely my personal struggle and journey. In the initial cut I tried to contain the Kenny stuff in a 30 minute middle section and then just bask in all the good stuff I could find. It's bad story telling. It's forcing something that isn't there. I know it instinctively and just hated making the final part of Kenny be the PUNCH of the 3rd act, but goddamnit - that's exactly what it is. What happened this summer between me and Kenny is THE story of Fastest Delorean and the resolution of our relationship and I just have to accept that.
Gary made me and he was right. I'm forever thankful to him for respecting me enough to tell me that. Remarkably I re-edited the film in under 6 hours because once I disconnected my heart from everything the order was clear. It's an infinitely better movie now and it's a great reminder to every editor out there to always share cuts with outsiders before calling it "final". Even after 30 years of doing this shit I needed someone to hold up a mirror to what I was forcing.

Not every story has a happy ending and that can sometimes be pretty entertaining.

The good news is, there's tons of laugh out loud moments sprinkled within that that really does make the movie fly by. It even starts with this...
Oh how I love Jack and his parents. Good people. Glad they have a sense of humor about everything.