9:03 AM, Thursday, November 14th, 2019:
And there it is: a HALF-TERABYTE file. A point that I will be annoyed with for as long as it remains true: having to basically make a copy of something for the distributor at a bitrate that is so much higher than any of the actual elements in the movie to meet a "standard". Last time my master file was 20 gigs and I had to bring the file in and re-render it in a higher setting (which changes nothing but the size of the file) which made it over 500gigs. Which then of course means I have to buy a harddrive just to deliver it. It's insane, but it's not my distributor's fault, it's what the streaming services ask for.
This time it felt a little better... because I shot the bar scenes (and some other stuff) with a new camera that actually did shoot at 205 mbps, so my master file was 117 gigs which means I would've had to buy a harddrive to deliver it no matter what. But again, it still tweaks my fucking efficiency brain to have to deliver a file 5 times bigger. Which THEY have to then upload and deal with. That's why they get the big 20% of 9 cents when someone views it on Amazon Prime. LMAO. What a world.
Oh and I also made a new trailer...
In attempting to be more positive and inspirational I literally forgot to a) include the distributor info and b) even begin to tell people what questions are answered and why they should watch the second part. Duh.
Oh and this won't be free for prime members...maybe ever. I have to assume anyone that watches Part 1 is willing to throw $5 at figuring out how it ends. I gotta hope. I would really like to actually make money here. I'm handing people my nervous system. I have to assume that will be worth something.
We'll see!!!