8:44 AM, Monday, November 11th, 2019:
I really did write the title as "Hell Week" and then I said: "who am I kidding?" I adore this shit. This is the phase where you take all the material and spin a yarn. There is magic to it. Suddenly pieces that you vaguely imagined how they'd fit... form an actual narrative.
The process for me is simple - get a rough picture lock, render it, then watch it from beginning to end while taking notes. First watch: 57 notes. 57 issues varying from simple to extremely complicated fixes for the following day. You basically work all day, render overnight, then watch in the morning and repeat. The problem? You fix a good chunk of the problems (day one, was down to 15 issues) but then on the second watch you add 30-40 more because your fixes need fixes.
It goes on like this the entire week. And then one morning you watch it and although there are still mistakes to fix? You actually know you have the movie pretty locked. Sure there's audio issues, or color issues but the meat of the EDIT is done. That's where I was Friday night and Saturday morning was able to watch the film knowing the bulk was over. Made a trailer...
...and now I just spend the week putting the "deliverables" together for my distributor. All the pictures, descriptions, captions... that kind of stuff. Will probably be able to deliver it to them this weekend and the movie could be out the week of Thanksgiving! Cannot believe it.
So I'll save my thoughts on everything for when it's actually public, but suffice to say there's a sense of relief to this that's pretty incredible. So ready to end this saga, end this year, hell end this decade and focus on future films that have NOTHING to do with that car. LOL.
Bring on the 20s!