11:53 AM, Saturday, November 2nd, 2019:
I can't believe this story is 40 years old. I have vivid 40 year old memories. Wow.
I really believed him. I wanted to go on the road with him so bad. Please don't feel bad, dad, I know it was a joke...
...but holy shit I thought if I could just finish that cube it was all that stood in my way of spending more time with my dad. Wow. What a heavy thing on a kid. Surprised I didn't talk about it in the Journey until now.
Oh and if anyone wants to know the patterns I memorized, here they are:
If that makes zero sense to you it's because I took the words out of the graphics and made a little cheat sheet while practicing. It's basically all if-then statements. Believe it or not, solving the Rubik's cube isn't just a set number of moves. You get the cube to each stage and then choose which pattern to do next dependent on certain color placements. And all of this is presuming you know how to get the first color and 2 rows of the surrounding 4 colors. You should in fact be able to do this without patterns. The last row does indeed require some memorization.
And strangely? Looking at it is confusing but once you've done it a couple times? It goes into your brain like muscle memory, not like these FULRFUi combos. That's what made me think it was so hard before... you really don't need to pay attention to the letters, just do the movements and your brain kinda works out the rest (or at least mine did). The letters actually made it seem harder than it was.
Anyway, can you tell I'm procrastinating the Fastest 2 edit? LOL. Anyway, I start that hardcore on Monday. Hope to have it done by the end of the week.