11:46 AM, Friday, November 1st, 2019:
Man I am ON IT this year with Journey videos and entries. I never have Halloween ready this quick but since I was a month behind in uploading (LOL) I can now act like I was ever-so-prompt simply because this was yesterday. When in fact, no, I'm just that far behind and this is where I'm catching up. Ha. Oh jesus you have to watch Cam's reaction to Jed's makeup.
That poor child believe half of Jed's face was off SO MUCH I can barely stop laughing. That gasp he gave is so genuine it makes me rethink how people gasp. I always thought gasps were over-acting but Cam's was intense. And Vienna just fucking left. She's like "FLIGHT. FLIGHT. FUCK FIGHT."
Another successful Halloween and Vienna dressed up as our cats while the rest of us went full Mario. Poor Cam - half the people thought he was Aladdin. <shakes head> but when someone did know he was Toad he got pretty excited.
Alright - welcome to November!!!