11:07 AM, Tuesday, October 29th, 2019:
Longest week. Craziest luck. Just holy shit. I can finally take a few fucking moments to write this out.
So I get up super early on 10/23 in San Fran to tow the Time Machine back to LA for a Marty package at noon. They're early and are there the fucking moment I show up. I don't even get a chance to go into my house to take a shit. Like, I pull the car off the flatbed and BOOM there they are.
We do the Marty package and it's pretty clear my transmission issue that I've been baby-ing for 3 months is getting worse. I know I have to replace the transmission but when the fuck do I have time to do this until I have to? You have to TAKE OUT THE ENGINE for fuck's sake. I've got like 15 gigs this month fuckouttahere. As I'm pulling off the highway to return home AFTER the package I go to put it in gear and there is no longer a gear to put it in. LMAO. Like, what a weird feeling. You put it in gear, take off the clutch and it's like you're still in neutral. Creepy. So I pull over and the poor asian lady who knows hardly any english just says "Ok? Ok?".
Not OK. That would be it. And that ladies and gentleman is how close we were to breaking the streak of gigs without missing one. It was almost #467 but the car broke down after the package was over, so whew. Of course I have a gig THAT FUCKING NIGHT and Ray is LITERALLY IN THE AIR flying here while I'm broken down on the side of the road. Which, in fact, is the luckiest break of all: a mechanic who is staying with me for 5 days. So I throw him $500 and say "let's DO THIS SHIT."
I tow it to the gig and we spend the entire next day working on the car. In fact, here's the video...
Left out of that is that the only reason we even attempted to just take out the differential and not replace the entire transmission was because Nicholas Roedl (original horsepower king from Fastest Delorean) posted my predicament on the LS swap page and Josh Schattenkirk (also at the end of Fastest Delorean) said you could take out the differential without removing the transmission. Holy shit. And as you saw in the video that was indeed the issue and we got so goddamn lucky at the Porsche place. I mean... insanely lucky. Probably the biggest Porsche part place in the country, happens to be 4 miles from my house... has ONE FUCKING DIFFERENTIAL in the scrap big that matches mine and it's in great condition. I don't find that? We're spending $3000 and pulling the engine. Instead? $100 and we do it in a day. Wow. Just, wow. If you're gonna be unlucky with a car, it pays to be lucky with parts. LMAO.
Of course then we have a gig the NEXT night and then the NEXT night. Finaly relaxing on Sunday only to find out yesterday, ready for this? The rocker arm that broke in Fastest Delorean? Same valve ended up breaking the spring and unscrewing the rocker arm. We called Texas Speed and they were abslutely befuddled as to how that's even possible and how more damage wasn't done. I now have to take the entire head to a machine shop (at some point) and put the new spring in and honestly? It will probably fail again. Don't believe it's a coincidence that 1 of the 16 valves broke twice. Something is off in that cylinder and I don't have the time to figure out what that is. I just keep driving it until it breaks again.
Because this car is a complete piece of shit and that's just what you do. Put a band-aid on it and keep going. Fuck. We should just take dibs on wht the gig # will be that I finally lose my streak because it's completely out of my control. Crazy.
So there you have it. What a breakdown. Thank you for all the help, Ray. And the adventure continues...