3:45 PM, Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019:
In the now 465 Delorean events I've done this has to be the most surprising thing that's ever happened. I was at Facebook 3 weeks ago doing a gig. Last week they called me back and asked if I could do it again. Exact same thing. Same type of conference. A ridiculous amount of money and again - 3 weeks later. That just never happens. When a company uses the Delorean, that lasts them AWHILE. Ya know? Like it's their theme for the YEAR and they don't want to repeat it the next year or even 5 years from now. In fact, I can't think of one company (other than event planners) that has ever re-used us. The closest was Warner Bros. for Ready Player One, and then legal got all scared because of the Delorean lawsuits that they cancelled... but that made sense: it was FROM the movie. They could use it multiple times. But stuff like this? Never.
3 weeks later? Absolutely surreal. It felt like I was actually part of the company. This time I hung out on their roof with Talya and really kind of took in what it would be like to be an employee...
It isn't good or bad. It's just weird. It's like this distopian future. I mean, everyone seems super happy and enjoying the space (which is incredible) but I've never worked for a family of 35,000 people. It's a city. And social meida is such a controversial subject these days (more Facebook news breaking WHILE WE'RE THERE - Zuckerberg is in DC to go in front of Congress tomorrow) that it feels kind of uneasy. Are these people all unintentionally working on destroying the fabric of our democracy? I kinda think so. Did I just help them by doing a gig here? I mean, I took their money does that make me complicit? Like, I wouldn't do teh Trump Inauguration if asked, but is this the same? Kinda?
You certainly come upon some ethical moments when your business gets successful. It's weird because Facebook is so huge that 99.9% of the people that work there had ANY IDEA A DELOREAN was there. It was there for a handful of people at a very small conference WITHIN Facebook. Like, if you didn't look down that hallway, or if you didn't stay late on the day we were rolling it in or out? You had no idea. In fact I know someone who works at Facebook and he had zero clue that I was there 3 weeks ago - and he was in the same building! It's just that big. It's weird being part of something on that scale, but it's hard to attribute anything I did with Zuckerberg. It's like if you live in California and pay taxes, suddenly you're supporting the governor. I mean... well yeah, kind of - but it's a weird way to look at it.
I dunno. Again, I like the people I worked with. I loved the crew helpng me get that car in and our (see last Facebook entry - lol) and it was cool to have a nice little getaway with Talya.
Tomorrow I have to get back to LA, do a Marty package, pick-up Ray, do a premiere for the YouTube Red TV show and then proceed to collapse on Thursday. Busiest month since October 2015. Insane.