9:02 PM, Saturday, October 19th, 2019:
As a guy who hates to repeat himself, but also adores traditions... this entry kicks my ass. We go to Starbucks every year since that's where Talya and I met on 10/19/10. But it's the same fucking video no matter what. LOL.
However this time? It shows the kids fighting and that makes me happy.
Cameron annoys Vienna SO FUCKING MUCH and I kinda love it. I mean, he annoys us too because he's a boy. And boys are annoying. But it brings out this fucking FIRECRACKER in Vienna and she wants to BEAT HIS ASS. And for the father of a very shy daughter? I love that. BEAT HIM. HAHAHA. BEAT HIS ANNOYING ASS.
But don't. Because he's your brother. And he actually makes you laugh a bunch and you're just in a shitty mood right now and he isn't. In fact that's probably why you're annoyed: he isn't experiencing the EXACT SAME EMOTION YOU ARE. Heh.
Oh well. Happy anniversary babe. What a life!